Medical Services

Role of Medical Services Department
  • To train and regulate the training of medical and paramedical staff
  • To register and supervise the private medical and other health practitioners.
  • To recommend, process and facilitate government sponsorship of overseas and local treatment of patients.
  • To carry out Ministry’s supervision of the Hospital Management Board and screening of health care facilities in the State to ascertain status and standard of facilities.
  • To screen and determine the medical claims and eligibility of all sick government employees to remain in service.
  • To statutorily represent the State Ministry of Health in the Boards, Councils and Institutions such as the Medical and Dental Council on Health, RSHMB, The Emergency Medical Services, etc.
  • To procure, distribute and install medical equipment.
  • To ensure adequate and acceptable standard of medical care in all medical institutions in the State.  To ensure adequate referral system in the State.