River State Ministry of Health

Revitalising Healthcare System in Rivers State

Office of the Permanent Secretary

The Office of the Permanent Secretary is accountable to the Honourable Commissioner for Health for the role that is delineated to the position.

The Permanent Secretary is the Accounting officer of the Ministry of Health. She oversees the day to day activities of the Ministry. There are also directors who run the various departments in the Ministry and are under the Permanent Secretary. Rivers State Ministry of Health is statutorily responsible for driving the Health care policy of the Government of Rivers State, especially, in the provision of an effective and qualitative Health care delivery system in the state.

The activities of the Ministry of Health spans Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary Health Services. The Rivers State Primary Health Care Management Board has the responsibility for providing primary health care services in the State while the River State Hospitals Management Board oversees the Secondary Health Care services in the State. These are achieved through 386 Primary health care facilities, 18 Secondary facilities, and 4 Tertiary facilities located in the 23 Local Government Areas of the state.

Processes/Procedures of key functions of the Ministry

  • Formulate Health Policies, Plans, and Programmes
  • Advise Government on Health Matters
  • Train Health Personnel
  • Supervise Hospitals Management Board
  • Implement National Health Programmes
  • Promote and protect individual and community health through the enforcement of Public Health laws.
  • Enforce pharmacy laws and control pharmaceutical services
  • Purchase and distributes drugs and medicaments.
  • Provide primary health care services with the active participation of Local Government Councils.
  • Collect, collate, and publish medical and other health statistics.
  • Supervise training institutions viz: the schools of Nursing & Midwifery, College of Health Science & Technology, Port Harcourt,
  • Coordinate, standardize, register, and supervise Public and Private Health Institutions, Health-oriented NGOs, and International Development Agencies.
  • Provide Public Enlightenment on health issues
  • Procure, distribute & install Medical Equipment
  • Implement special programmes, namely Emergency Medical Services, HIV/AIDS, Roll Back Malaria. etc

The above functions of the state Ministry of Health are performed by the following eight (8) departments and (6) agencies/boards


  • Rivers State Hospitals Management Board
  • Rivers State Primary Health Care Management Board
  • Rivers State School of Nursing
  • Rivers State School of Midwifery


  • Rivers State University Teaching Hospital
Dr. (Mrs.) Ndidi Chikanele Utchay

The Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Health