Public Health Services

Role of Public Health Services Department
  • To supervise public health activities in the State for the State Ministry of Health.
  • To brief the Hon. Commissioner and Permanent Secretary on the activities of the department.
  • To coordinate projects for international partners such as WHO, UNICEF, World Bank, and NGOs that are of public health importance and significance.
  • To represent the State Ministry in national public health programmes and to delegate staff where necessary.
  • To implement public Health programmes of the National Council Health of the FMOH.
  • To be in charge of implementing programmes on Public Health information services.
  • To issue extracts of birth and deaths, exhumation and cremation.
  • To be responsible for disease surveillance in the State.
  • To plan, direct and supervise the control of communicable diseases, epidemic and endemic.
  • To be responsible for the control of non-communicable and communicable diseases in the State.